Pictures from the art exhibition for kids "Spor af en Drage" (Traces of a Dragon")

Pia Gredal and Svend E Kristensen 2005 - 2006
Bemærk at Udstillingens kunstgenstande og installationer sælges fra efter d. 15/1 2006
All the exhibited artobjects are on sale after the closing of the exhibition

Nikolaj Udstillingsbygning
frem til 15/1-2006

Exhibition fron behind little egg

Kids on dragons body
Kids on dragons body
Dragons mouth, the sacred tempel, jonas in the somach of the whale
Wiev over exhibition from the Dragons body Hill of masks and old dragon cultures Material silicone
Smaller egg and dragons body
s Material silicone
Entrance hill of masks and old dragon cultures Dragons enormously egg
Inside the dragons spine
Inside the dragons spine
Dragon wing warmachine The reversed cities